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Don't Compare Your Journey...

Hey Boss Babes,

Checking in today to see how things are coming along in your Online Business- Are you showing up as the fearless & confident BOSS you're meant to be? Are you engaging with your audience, and creating killer Content that entertains and educates others about your message?

Maybe you're reading this and you've been procrastinating for the last few weeks and haven't posted or done anything Online... Or, maybe you've been taking massive action this entire time, learning and forging ahead in your business...

...I know there's folks at all different levels who are reading this right now....

Only YOU know where you're at and what you've done or haven't done... But I will tell you this: Building a successful online business is a PROCESS.

It's not a race or a competition. It's YOUR journey, nobody else's. Everyone has their own. And for that reason You can't compare yours to someone else's. For some, their journey is easier than others. Some people just "naturally" get it and achieve success easier, perhaps because of their background or naturally being aligned with it.

...For others, it can be a more challenging or difficult journey that requires more patience and effort... For example, when I was young I was a big time Extrovert. The class clown... member of dozens of Clubs, In every school play and an anchor on the morning news.

But for some reason... once I got to college I became EXTREMELY introverted. I became very shy and never wanted to join new circles or put myself out there. For almost a decade I retreated into my own world, and never created anything except for writing in my journal and I thought my "performing" days were long gone. This continued all the way up until a year ago.. I was SO incredibly fearful about starting my Coaching Business & Posting on Instagram & Youtube... I thought everyone was going to tune in and laugh at me and call me a phony....

...But I pushed through the fear, and posted anyway. Because all the Successful Online Business owners I looked up to had done the same, and had managed to tap into the great power that these public platforms provide...

Cut to 2020... And , here I am today as a Business Coach and Virtual Summit Host, Earning a living online ..and even have a *modest* Youtube channel (lol) ...

I'm helping others through my Business experience, using my voice and communication skills...to share my message.

So, what I'm trying to get across is that even though things might be unnatural for you, or you might be struggling or feel like you're falling behind... understand that it's okay and that as long as you keep at it, you will improve and get better.

There have been countless examples of people that have defied the odds and achieved success, even when everything was against them. Don't worry about what others are doing or compare yourself, instead, focus on your OWN journey and understand that you will be where you want be soon enough. As the saying goes, "Focus on the horizon and don't worry about the speed bumps along the way. Focus on the horizon and you'll be there soon enough."

Another saying I really like, although I don't know where it originated is: "Don't compare your Beginning... to someone else's Middle... or Advanced."

Which basically means... every. single. one. Of your favorite Influences and Mentors had to start at ground zero....

...Often times what you are witnessing (by the time their content reaches you...)

Is a highly produced and sophisticated Brand from a VERY dedicated TEAM of individuals all working together to make that work....and that journey started years prior....

So it's hard but... don't compare YOUR beginning... to THEIR advancement over the course of some years. The beginning of something is a beautiful, new and exciting adventure and you should cherish it! As much as you will the fruits of your hard earned success down the road!

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