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Coaching Client Summer Updates & Success Stories...

I wanted to share just a handful of the stories of some of my former clients who I am so proud of... for taking the leap and launching their own ventures. I have worked with them in development, course creation, and content strategy for social platforms... and the results are as amazing as they are diverse. Content creation remains an effective & powerful tool helping them to grow their brands & businesses. But the one thing they all have in common is... they had the courage to begin and the wisdom to ask for help!

One year after starting The Everyday PM, Ann is now consulting, and growing her podcast and her community. "I wanted to give project management enthusiasts a platform to share their love for the profession. What started as a means to help others through mentoring has grown into a love for sharing these insights in audio (and now video!) format. Listen Now <<

Underdog Sports and its founder Johnny Cruz stand out from other NBA & NFL sports agencies, in their aim to provide full service representation & support for athletes before, during and after their career in professional sports. They are gearing up for the 2021 seasons and excited about signing new talent. Follow <<

Crystal Lotus Veterinary CareThis expert vet surgeon is making a splash with her first solo venture as an entrepreneur, offering integrative medicine for animals. Want more tips on nutrition, acupuncture, or booking holistic medicine treatment for your fur babies? Follow Dr. Lindsey <<

The Heart Matters This former client's podcast is growing steadily now with over 5k downloads. Consistency & passion are two things Louis does well, as he continues to impress with high quality guests and captivating discussions on love & life every week.

What if you could bring your vision to fruition like these clients did? Let's discuss the content & branding strategy for your business ...


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