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About Jazz

"My background for the last 5 years is in Business Ownership &  Coaching.

 In my 1x1 work with clients, some evolved into a greater level of support on deeper mental & emotional levels. And I once again find myself ready to dive deeper into the human experience and serve in a whole new way.


I went on a deep spiritual journey into my feminine heart, and realized that the reason I had felt so unfulfilled despite the material success I had obtained, was because I had been disconnected from the natural order of feminine & masculine purpose and from love itself as a core value.  I realized that so much of what we as human beings need to thrive is rooted in our ability to succeed in our personal relationships and experience this sacred love. 

I truly believe that with the right partner in our corner supporting us, and with the great sense of purpose that comes from giving ourselves to others in these intimate containers, that we can achieve much greater things.

If we can win in relationships, we can win at anything in life.

"By changing a Paradigm we address the mental setting that is the center point from which we think, feel & live."

We're human, & sometimes we get stuck, and it's hard to see our way out of that confusion on our own. If you're like may have achieved material success, but you know that nothing can replace the joy and deep sense of well being offered  in a fulfilling, & loving relationship.

It's my goal to accompany you as you re-acquaint yourself with deep heart listening, & learn the tools

to help you call in sacred love with your King/Queen. 

Jazzie Craig- Relationship & Mindset Coach, Mentor

Coaching Programs Coming Soon

Gossiping over Tea

Mastering YOUR relationships

The mirror effect shows us that we are always attracting our reciprocal.  

That's why the relationship with ourselves informs all of the others in our lives, including romantic ones. How are you showing up and what events in your life have happened that have changed you?  

Let's identify any unhealthy patterns inhibiting emotional intimacy, so you can start enjoying loving & flourishing connections again.

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do dating different

If you have been out of the dating loop, or got burned out on trying...

You're not alone.

I offer support in this process, and will help give you the confidence to get back in the game and this time, make quality connections that go deeper than dinner & texting. Your time & energy are valuable which is why you want to make the most of time spent on dating apps & quality experiences with a potential life partner.

Looking Out of Window

Tap In To Your divine Masculine/feminine 

The world demands we perform, provide, and DO. The heart however, is essential to our well being.

Whether you're dating for marriage, or healing from a past relationship, it's important to re-engage with the hearts deep knowing, & tap in fully from this place before seeking love again. 

I am here to be totally present for your exploration and hold you accountable to breakthroughs & progress.

A Co-Creative Coaching Experience

Lovers in Balcony

Stronger relationships

Viewing Scrapbooks

Success In Dating

Completely confidential coaching sessions in a supportive, uplifting environment that fosters new insights and discovery.


You're ready to create space to attract the sacred love that you want to see, and deep down know you deserve.



Embracing discomfort as a catalyst for change and a vehicle for your breakthrough or paradigm shift.



Using powerful texts to support the manifestation of specific desired outcomes. (Calling In The One, & Way of The Superior Man are frequently used in my work.) 

Letting go of old stories, identities & habits that no longer serve you. Forming new habits that empower the next level version of yourself


Call in your King or Queen by becoming a vibrational match to the partnership that God has planned for you

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