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You Are Here For More: Podcast Episode with Sheila Bella

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As some of you may know my professional background was in Makeup and Salon Ownership before I started Coaching Full time... & so I love any opportunity to collaborate with my Beauty Bosses! Sheila Bella could be considered among the Ultimate Beauty Bosses in the game... so inspiring. So check out the link above or read the transcript here:

The Episode is Titled: You are here for more

Just because you start out as one thing, doesn’t mean you have to stay there forever. If you’re a Beauty professional with expanding dreams and goals… you owe it to yourself to uncover the fullness of those passions, and to see where they might lead you. You should always be striving for growth, and to learn as much as you can.. in any field that you work in.

I’m jazzie craig and I’m a Beauty Entrepreneur & Online Business Coach & Mentor.

Like many of you listening , my journey began in cosmetology school, just 6 years ago. I was making a much needed transition out of a corporate career & I honestly couldn’t wait to learn lashes & Microblading, … cosmetology school only barely scratched the surface of those things I was most interested in… but that was ok…because my education continued after I got licensed, and within a year I had acquired the skills, & built up enough clientele to open up my very own salon in Los Angeles California.

Now I know that Everyone gets into the beauty industry for different reasons. For some… it’s the artistry, for others, the healing power of seeing women genuinely transformed as makeup gives them their confidence back. All of these things are very satisfying… but I have to admit, for me….

It was being a Business Owner. That was the thing that spoke loudest to me and made me say “I’ve got to do that!”. The idea of being able to open up my own business, no matter how small or big, heck, I didn’t care if I was working from home. That freedom to be my own boss was what I craved more than anything.

It just so happened that I had a talent for art and details. Luckily it led me work in the Beauty industry.

When I began my career as a a Makeup Artist, I didn’t know what to expect and I had a lot of fear. Fear of failure, would I be good enough, would anyone want to hire me?

I looked up to artists like Sheila Bella…..Studio Sashiko…. and Permanent Beauty By Lilly … not only for their incredible talent, but also their amazing business savvy. It was enough to plant the seed that let me know, this is possible, and it’s possible for me too.

Soon… One salon became two. Two salons inspired an Online Enterprise… and by 2018 I had Courses, Products and Virtual Training all being sold Online… and I loved every minute of it. …At this time I was also still working as a service provider overseeing a team of 4 ladies, who also offered permanent makeup & eyelash services.

————————————————————— 3 min

But… I’d like to shift the focus off of me for a bit, and talk to you about your business.

What about you, what’s your journey been like? Was permanent makeup something you always knew you wanted to do, or did it come to you more unexpectedly. Who were some of the people who inspired you the most and what did you admire about them?

I for one, don’t take it for granted that we work in an industry ripe with opportunity for Women to thrive and excel really… without limitation.

It’s extraordinary to me to see so many women out there killing it in their businesses that are for the most part, fully owned, operated and patronized by WOMEN. Talk about girl power This creates such an extraordinary opportunity for growth…

Which leads to my next question… where do you s