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Thinking About Starting On Youtube?

Youtube is the #2 Search Engine in the world. That’s what makes it such a fantastic option for Small Businesses , Coaches & Consultants to create amazing content that drives new people to your websites & social profiles.

I frequently get new followers and email subscribers from my Youtube Business channel. Check that out here. Jazzie's Youtube

It’s important to also understand that the Youtube platform is a highly competitive platform and once you create high quality content, you want to make sure it can make it into the algorithm and bee seen.

Here’s some tips from the pros to get the best videos to be found on Youtube, so that you can grow your audience and sell your services!

Do Response Videos to other popular you tubers. Use their names in your titles

Follow Trends in your genre. Ie: Makeup. Use the “trending tab” to see what is trending in your specific niche. IE: “Fashion” “Real estate” “Makeup”

Promote your own videos using your Facebook page, email to your network, Instagram & Blog Subscribers. Sometimes it can feel nerve racking to put yourself out there in a new way when your personal network is going to see it. Believe me I know how that feels as I myself experienced it. And so we tend to want to hide our Youtube endeavors until we have a big, successful, brag-worthy page. But actually you should do the opposite. That tiny bit of support from your personal network, or support from your existing following on any and all other media channels, can give your new channel the juice to pick up traction within the algorithm.

Align with what people are already watching. This can be an extension of the process of looking up trending topics. But more generally… this tip speaks to the idea that you should always be attempting to stay “in the loop” of what is already happening on Youtube. Why? Because if your message is too obscure or original, it may not be something that a lot of people are looking for yet. And so while you may get some personal satisfaction out of sharing things that interest you, the best way to have a successful channel is to align your content with already successful channels and topics.

Comment on top 10 channels in your niche. This one really works! When you engage in conversation on other popular Youtubers channels you automatically gain exposure to ht type of audience who will enjoy your content as well. This is a great time to see what the conversation is all about and to extract specific topics from the videos you are commenting on.

BE SPECIFIC. This is advised by every YouTube pro that I know. You want to be specific in your channel and your niche. The more focused and narrow your niche, the quicker you can grow your channel. Believe me, I know the temptation is great to sort of talk about everything. Everything that’s interesting to you, or a wide range of topics that you may feel wouldn’t “leave anyone out.” But the truth is… trying to be everything to everyone can make you quickly nothing to no one. The most successful pages have a very specific message and view. It’s up to you to come up with creative ways to share information about your specific topic in ever changing and interesting ways.

When Shooting Videos: Energy Energy Energy! Remember, when you’re recording, you’ve got to be in a more elevated site than how you speak and behave normally. This takes practice! You will want to be in a great mood and in a great state before you film. Sound simple? Well great! Always remember you are sharing your energy and in order to stand out among millions of videos you must add greater, or match the current energy level being put on by the existing Youtube Community.

Be captivating. Sit up Tall or stand. Your body language says A LOT. Have Enthusiasm. Be mindful of your Voice and project it. Also you want to have an external microphone and advanced audio intake. Sound is just as important as Visual. Did you know… Your body language & voice is 1,ooox times more important than the words you are conveying! You

can have an amazing message, full of value, insight & info… but if you’re not projecting energy, enthusiasm & confidence… no one will hear you!

How are you making people feel when you speak in your videos? You must illicit emotion & inspiration.

Keywords - short tail are 1-3 words (meditation, amazon, fishing) Broad, general and highly searched.

Long Tail - more words but easier to rank with a more detailed grouping of words (ie: meditation for beginners, guided meditation for pregnant women sleep, daily yoga step by step tutorial)

Use the keyword groupings multiple times in your descriptions. Your description should be a few paragraphs long with relevant, related & popular words included.

You should even use the keywords in the file name of the uploaded video.

Use Tube buddy to split test thumbnails, and many other great features. Link to TubeBuddy

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