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Manifest Your Next Reality Shift By Using This Technique

Want to know a secret in attracting money, love & desires? Make it natural, and it will come... I have always been fascinated by this principle: "Become the vibrational match to that thing which you are seeking." It makes sense right, I mean people that are abundant don’t "try" to be. Charming people aren’t trying either...they just "are." It is natural for them to BE that way .When it comes to vibrational resonance it’s about alignment and the awareness of the energy dynamics at play... want something too much and you push it away energetically . Insisting on the outcome infuses resistance into the equation that results with blocks and a bumpy ride Now of course, getting into alignment will not replace action & effort... but those two things are futile if not joined by an energetic openness to what you are hoping to bring into your experience. If a goal is on a pedestal and it would be AMAZING if it happened...Then vibrationally, you may not be letting it be "natural" to you. How do you do that though? The way I did that was by realizing that my old identity was simply an outdated choice about how I show up in the world and who I am . We get in life a reflection of who we are BEING when I was a Salon owner in LA, my thoughts, emotions and actions where equal to that reality in that specific context. it was NATURAL for me to want to outdo the competition, to want the best car, handbag or apartment..., and to try to keep up with the Jones' so to speak, and to achieve success according to an environment that tells you... you always... need... more.... I saw myself as that, acted as that and then believed that that was who I was THEN I made a new choice about myself... I woke up from the autopilot mind and made a new choice about "who I am" and where I wanted to be that changed everything. I dismantled my business, packed up my things, and headed to Dallas to create a new reality. One where I would Coach and Work Online, Meditate daily, skip traffic and make videos on YouTube to share my experiences with people all over the world. Everyone said, why are you doing this you're doing so well here? Maybe that was how it seemed on the outside, but in my soul I felt I had done everything I could do in that environment , and needed new surroundings in a less harsh environment to be able to feel fulfilled and to grow.

So I took my chances on a new city, new career & new life. I was bridging what was "unnatural in one reality" and recreating the narrative for myself. Only most of what is not natural to us... is simply just because not familiar. What if you can make your own new normal... in regards to every goal and wish you have inside of you. The more you do anything the more confidence you build doing it. you can be whoever the hell you want to be.

You can make a NEW choice about who you are... and then put in to practice BEING it, by putting the repetition in. Wen you subject yourself to new situations more often you’ll start to change your self-image and the fear will dissipate more and more. Awareness and making a new choice about your life is all it takes.... then repetition to make it natural. (Kind of goes along with the principle on consistency too.) I say this to share that ALOT can happen when you commit... and in a short amount of time I just got done spending 8 weeks serving 5 of my dream coaching clients, and signed 1 more last week. All while enjoying a gorgeous view by the lake right outside my door, setting my own work hours, taking a Tuesday off to go hiking.. & volunteering at a women's shelter in my spare time. This may not sound extraordinary to you. But for me, it's the dream I created, to the tune of my own special brand of happy and let's just say.... I'm not missing those big city traffic jams one bit.

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