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Are You Ready to Serve at Your Highest Level?

SO you're ready for MORE?

Big Impact, big ideas, and the big income that goes with it....

Did you know... that your Income is directly related to the level of value you provide others? Knowing this, gives valuable insight in helping you get from Point A... to Point B. And bridging the gap between where you are... and where you want to be. Here's the question you need to be asking....

"Am I really ready to serve at my highest level?"

Sure you say you want it, and it looks good up on the vision board. But are you really ready to answer that call?...

Serving at a higher level requires:

Increasing your empathy

Increasing your self discipline Total commitment to customer satisfaction... Radical responsibility & accountability (taken by you) Dedication to Solving Higher level Problems Willingness to push through failure no matter what the circumstances.

I had to ask myself this question When I made the decision to go from Salon owner to Business Coach. After all, I was happy with what I had built. Shouldn't this be enough?

Friends told me they were proud of me, I was making a great living and business was booming. But I knew that I had more to give than what I was doing currently... even though I was already successful at it....

But what would it mean to Play a Bigger Game? What would that look like and how much would be required of me?...

...Was I really ready to start from ground zero again with a new business?...

...Was I really ready to open the floodgates and let in more Clients that would require more time, attention & energy when I was already giving so much?...

It wasn't a quick answer. I found out that it required a lot of consideration and also, being tested repeatedly to see if I really was committed to the new direction I said I wanted...

The Journey to Build out this new dream was not an overnight transition or success.

I spent more than 6 months "in the lab" working on myself, creating space for it, reflecting, experimenting & studying. This not including the technical failures I endured and had to push through in order to move forward. I had to create the space for myself to be able to give and deliver more. I had to know WHY I was doing it.

So I want to ask you...

What, if anything... stands in between you... and your next stage?... Of you PERFORMING & SERVING at YOUR HIGHEST LEVEL?

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