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3 Great Platforms to host your Online Course for FREE

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

So you want to build your Online Course, but you're getting pulled every which way by every expert saying what you should use. I know exactly how you feel because I was you... just 2 years ago.

Many popular influencers won't tell you everything about certain platforms that they endorse...

(I have some programs that I believe in that I promote as well.) But at the end of the day, consider whether their success with a platform may be based on

A. the fact that they have a large budget and staff to execute on the tech aspect ...or

B. They have a large audience that will offset the high cost of using an advanced course platform.

But for newbies... let me throw ya a bone here... You don't have to sign up for a pricey platform to host your first, 2nd or even THIRD online course. Wait until the dough is rolling in to use Complex platforms like Kajabi. And don't sell yourself short with putting your hard fought expertise on the market with Udemy for less than $20! I have spent 2 years learning, AND doing the work for you... to find out what works BEST when just starting out as a course creator.

I will share this with you ... because after I spent about 6 months of money, time & effort fooling around with Kajabi... I wised up. And guess where I hosted my very first SUCCESSFUL online course...? YOUTUBE. Yep. before you go thinking "that's too easy" hear me out. You upload your course content in a private playlist. The videos are marked 'unlisted' and 'private'. So literally no one can discover them until you share the link, which you do after you collect payment in the method of your choice! Don't have a fancy website setup with a checkout feature or Business Paypal account? No problem. Keep it simple in the beginning and let them Venmo you. Or just send regular payment to your personal Paypal. Then, voila... you email them the link to your private Youtube classroom. This is genius for a few reasons. 1. Because it's totally free, and Youtube offers all the needed space for long videos, short videos, and playlists for complete descriptions, hyperlinks & module titles. When I first started you could also monetize for "watch time" so the more students watched the videos, you get credit for the minutes watched and so you actually end up winning two fold! As hosting your course there will help you to monetize your Youtube quicker.

My 2nd Choice would be Hosting your course on WIX. Wix is a DIY web design & host service. So great for new Entrepreneurs. By hosting on Wix if you already have a website there, it's free to upload several hours of video content. This keeps everything interconnected, and after you sell a course, you can grant them access through a Paywall login. They get to watch the videos right there on site... and you can add some cool features like WIX forums, where you can meet with all your students daily or weekly to discuss assignments and course topics. This is all FREE for WIX users.

3rd I recommend a platform called Now again, we're just talking FREE here guys. There are benefits to using certain paid platforms if you feel you need help in promoting your first course or have no audience of your own whatsoever. But if you have a small intimate group of students. Or enroll a few people every month... Talent LMS is a great option for free and independent course hosting for 5 students at a time, on up to 10 courses! And I recommend it more than Udemy or Learnopia. (also free if you want to look into those, but they are not on my list of recommended.)

UPDATE: I am adding Teachable to this list because I am now using it to host my Branding Course and it is FREE and it has been amazing so far. I recommend that out of all 4 listed here.

GETTING READY TO LAUNCH YOUR COURSE? Here's some resources for you

The Online Course Launch Blueprint : {This was super helpful to me when I launched my first Beauty Course}

Hope this helps you get started building your course! It's always good to beta test your ideas and get some feedback before you put all your eggs into one platform. Having A Coach can help your organize ideas and also help you build an audience and learn how to market your course, which is equally important!

Again my vote is... host your course on Teachable or if you want to keep things REALLY simple in a Youtube Private Playlist! If you're the authority in your field that's all that truly matters. Don't let the tech stop you from realizing your goals of building your Online Business or Course!

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