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Making a Bigger Impact in Your Content Creation

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Hey Boss Babes, (And Bros)

Happy Thursday, quick question for ya.... Have you had a chance yet to set up your blog, YouTube channel, and social media presence?  

You should now be focused on Content Creation for a few reasons...

1. It helps you communicate your Brand Values to your audience 2. It gets your tribe engaged and active in the conversation

3. It establishes your Online Presence increasing your reach to new viewers, fans, and potential customers.

That's what I want to focus on today - CONTENT, as it's the most important element in building your online brand. As the saying goes guys....Content is king. Content is what makes up the internet, from everything you see on Facebook and social media, to websites and videos. To build your online brand, you want to utilize the power of content to add value and attract people. In order to successfully attract people and build your brand, you need QUALITY CONTENT.  Not just any "ordinary" content will do. In order to create truly quality content, you need to understand your niche and market, identify what people want, what their needs, desires, and problems are... and then focus on delivering quality content to help them. When first starting out, your content might not be as great as you want... and you might even struggle a bit. Again, understand that it's OKAY. If you look at the content I produced even just a year ago... I've already come very far... and I'm proud of that.

Imagine if I had never started because I only could compare myself to people like Sunny Lenarduzzi or Amy Porterfield. Id still be sitting in the waiting room right now! I recorded my first YouTube videos on a GoPro with super low light, and while I did have the sense to hire a professional video editor from the onset... I didn't know anything about titles, niches or SEO optimization. (Cause yea... that's a thing!) But again, I understood it was a PROCESS and just focused on improving myself every day, knowing that eventually I would become better.   So when it comes to creating content, just do the best you can for now..... and regardless... JUST START!   I recommend that you create a CONSISTENT content creation schedule, which at minimum I'd recommend at least once a week. From 6 months ago to now I'm getting consistent traffic and subscribers, from Youtube with just a very small channel, and being in a position where I could turn that traffic into members of my community. The more content you can publish, the better. When you have a lot of quality content on your blog, it means that there are MORE CHANCES that people can find you. So you want to become a content-producing machine! The balance is in making sure that your content still remains quality and that you aren't compromising that as you're trying to produce more. And at the same time, you don't want to be a "perfectionist" with and end up spending way too much time on it... I've seen people get caught up in that too, spending days just trying to write an article or publish a blog post. If you need to, set a deadline and use a timer when creating your content to ensure that you finish in a realistic manner. You can always follow others in your niche or market to get an idea of the quality of content they're publishing and what the market is responding to. My challenge for you in this e-mail is to UP YOUR GAME when it comes to your content creation. Find ways you can make your content better, become faster at creating it, and be able to publish MORE frequently. The sooner you do that, the faster you'll start getting traffic and followers, in which case you'll be able to start profiting from your hard work! If you need more help with your Content Creation process, make sure you drop me a line, as I do have programs that go into content creation more in-depth and can help you to get organized and get started. Keep moving forward.

Always Rooting for you,


P.S. Next week we're going to dive into marketing your content and how to get more eyeballs on it.  Stay tuned....

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