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About Jazz

"My background for the last 5 years is in Business Coaching. Primarily helping my clients with starting new ventures, goal setting, execution, & accountability- For many of my clients however, the relationships evolved into a greater level of support on deeper mental & emotional levels. It was here that I was able to witness the greatest transformations in them both financially and personally. I realized that so much of what we as human beings need to thrive is rooted in our self esteem, sense of worthiness & ability to maneuver successfully around the inevitable challenges presented to us throughout different chapters of life.

If we can win with those things, we can win at anything in life.

Except sometimes we get stuck, and it's hard to see our way out of that confusion on our own. Many capable, powerful people may have achieved material success, but are still not experiencing the joy and deep sense of well being that they could be.

It is my sincere desire to help guide others out of that lack of clarity and get them confidently moving towards their purpose and a more authentic and fulfilled life. I believe in tackling complex and difficult issues with positive psychology and radical accountability. I am solution oriented by nature, and aim to assist my clients in recognizing the thought patterns and behaviors that are not serving their highest good, and from there, helping them with practical strategies to make the change from within. 

Jazzie Craig- Business & Mindset Coach, Mentor

Our Approach...

Gossiping over Tea

Mastering the relationships in your life

The relationship with ourselves informs all of the others in our lives, including romantic ones. Are you showing up as the most confident & authentic version of yourself? How can we help you to arrive at that place?

Whether you're dating for marriage, or healing from a past relationship, it's important to operate from a space of wholeness before seeking love again.  

Let's identify any unhealthy patterns inhibiting emotional intimacy, so you can start enjoying loving & flourishing connections again.

Stressed Man

Tools to conquer 
stress,anxiety & Overwhelm

Many high achievers struggle with a lack of balance, that while outwardly successful, may result in inner turmoil. Feelings of unchecked frustration & disconnection can spiral into substance abuse, health problems, or even strained family relationships. You are not alone if you are experiencing this. We aim to help you to reconnect with your core values, & let go of the problematic patterns & blocks that are holding you back from reaching your full potential in all areas of your life.

in helping you navigate your journey to self mastery & understanding.

Looking Out of Window

overcoming mental & emotional blocks

Fear. Indecision. Procrastination. Lack of clarity?  When we operate from a place that is out of alignment with our true core values, we may find ourselves met with resistance that manifests as these four things. This is why it's hard to garner the motivation & action needed to propel yourself forward in your goals.  Only trying to resolve things all on your own hasn't  been working...

You need a second set of eyes on the situation. Someone who can be totally present for your exploration and hold you accountable to progress.

Welcome to Paradigm Dallas

We offer a modern approach to mental health, relationship skills and confidence building through guided 1x1 private coaching sessions. 

Our focus is on helping successful professionals navigate complex personal issues related to career success, stress, burnout, dating, relationships, and more.
By changing a Paradigm we address the mental setting that is the center point from which we think, feel & live.

"Having someone in my corner, to hold space for me, and provide high level support as she did, really helped me through a tough time. My friends & family weren't always available for that, and some things I didn't want to share with them. Getting a coach ended up being a great outlet for me and a really great decision."
- Denise W. Real Estate Executive , Plano TX .


Lovers in Balcony

Success In Dating

Viewing Scrapbooks

Stronger relationships

A Co-Creative Coaching Experience

Weekly Coaching sessions in a supportive, uplifting environment that fosters new insights and self discovery.


Intentional use of emotion, visualization and meditation to manifest specific desired outcomes



Embracing discomfort as a catalyst for change and a vehicle for your breakthrough or paradigm shift.



Going inward to heal and tap into a greater engagement with life, friends, family, vocation & community.

Letting go of old stories, identities & habits that no longer serve you. Forming new habits that empower the next level version of yourself


You're ready to create space to attract the love, success, and abundance that you want to see, and know you deserve.


Curt, U.S Postal Service

What started out as business coaching definitely evolved into something more. She helped me with practical things like developing systems and worksheets to track my goals and stop wasting time I didn't have. But what I am most grateful for is that she gave me the courage and the confidence to accept that it was ok to leave a job that didn't know my worth, and that going into business for myself was what was best for me at the end of the day. I'm now 8 months into building my startup and moved to Hawaii. Have not looked back since... 


Jamie, Corporate Entertainment

"Jazz listens better than anyone I know, & stays focused on your goals to help you go from where you are to where you want to be. Her style is a blend of No-Bullshit, but compassionate and fun which makes working with her enjoyable.

She treats everyone she works with like a dear friend. Her experience speaks for itself and is evident in the well of creative ideas and solutions she offers to help others generate their own breakthroughs. 


Nate, Graphic Artist

"I was one of those people who was going out of my way to make people think everything was good. But I really wasn't. I had been holding onto a lot of anger and resentment about having to be a full time caretaker for one of my family members in addition to trying to manage the stress of work. It was nice having someone to talk to. Sometimes I just needed someone to break it down into steps, or just make it all more manageable. And I got that from our sessions for sure.

What clients are saying...

Let's Work Together

Career Coaching

Package #1

Changing Careers

Coping With Work Related Challenges

Business Coaching

Branding & Marketing Guidance

Content Strategy

Mindset Coaching

Package #2

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Re-setting Habits & Behavioral Patterns

Replacing Scarcity Mindset With Abundance

Cultivating Confidence & Unstoppable Determination

Relationship Coaching

Package #3

Dating For Commitment

Letting Go Of Past Relationship Trauma

Identifying Top 3 Intimacy Blockers

Building Confidence & Positive Dating Practices 


If you have questions about a specific situation that you don't see mentioned here and want to speak with someone to find out if you may be a fit for our coaching programs , click the link below to book your 100% free clarity call. 

I look forward to helping you to achieve your goals, even if that's a referral to an outside professional or resource.

  • What is content repurposing and how do I know if I need that or not?
    Repurposing content is something that my team specializes in, for the simple fact that we understand that to grow online you want to be as visible as possible. We can easily take one podcast episode (for example) and turn it into a Youtube video, an IGTV and a mini commercial. By doing this, we save you loads of time, and are able to create 5 pieces of content from 1 original work!
  • Will it include my logo and custom branding?
    Our editors have impeccable taste in font, graphics and branding for your video if you need us to provide that for you. But of course, Yes! If you have your own... or you need us to match the branding in your existing videos we can do that as well.
  • Do you upload the content for me?
    Yes! We can also manage and upload all the content for you. This option is available within the VIP package. We stay in close contact with you regarding your revisions and uploading schedule using the handy project management software called Asana
  • What if I need help with content creation and ideas?
    We offer Content Coaching in addition to video editing as a separate service. We serve many professionals and established influencers, but if you're not there yet it's ok! The important thing is that you are ready to be visible and that you're actively involved in the creative process. We want to help you in getting your message out to the world. Click here to book a free action call with a Business & Content Coach from our team.
  • Do you offer editing for my course content?
    Absolutely. Courses are a wildly profitable endeavor right now and with your VIP subscription we will be able to do the kind of advanced editing you need to create a polished and professional E-learning course for you to share with your audience. You will be assigned a course creator concierge to assist you. You can use the link above to purchase your package, and then we'll schedule a call to discuss your specific needs.
  • I need this service but I'm worried it's outside my budget
    We get it... My team and I have been running our own businesses respectively for 5+ years and understand better than anyone that your investment has to go far in getting you results that will grow your business/audience and help you reach higher revenue goals. We know the power that quality video content has to transform your business... and we have set up our programs to accomodate all budgets. If you would like to chat with someone from our team about your business & budget click here to book your free call. We would be honored to help you through the process!
  • How quickly do I get my videos back?
    You will be able to get your videos back within 2-4 days. So if you upload your content on Sunday. You will have one video back by tuesday, the other by thursday and so on... (Returns may vary based on clients requests for revisions.)

5365 Spring Valley Road, Dallas, TX

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