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Beautiful, Polished, Semi Permanent Brows,
That Look Like Real Hairstrokes -

Book Your Eyebrow appointment with a 5 Star rated Artist. It would be my honor to give you the eyebrows you always dreamed of having. {Join the Waitlist Now!}  Appointments will be available at the beginning of 2024, as I am in the process of transferring my California Permanent Makeup licenses to Texas. I look forward to meeting you for an in person consultation to discuss your eyebrows and schedule you for the first available appointments in the new year!  

The reason Microblading is so different, is that it takes a very thin, angled needle and inserts pigment in the shape of hairstrokes onto your brow line. During the procedure you should not feel pain, because we use a special, topical numbing gel on the skin 30 minutes before we begin.


Unlike a color block, all filled in...We do the hairstrokes to resemble real hairs, and where possible, make them in the same direction as your natural hairs. Everyone is starting out with something different. Some have eyebrows, (Type 1) and just want to use the permanent makeup to fill them in, make them appear thicker, and save time on pencil and powder every morning.(Type 2) Others, don’t have a lot of eyebrow hair, or have lost some hair from over tweezing throughout the years. This client wants to create a new shape or style all together perhaps incorporating an arch or a shape that is more flattering to their face shape. The third type of client (Type 3) is one who has little to no eyebrow hair at all and is in need of a full re-construction of the eyebrow. Alopecia, chemo, general aging or trichotillomania all are candidates for this brow procedure, provided the skin on the brow line is healed and in tact.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How long do they last?

The Microbladed Brow Tattoo is designed to last around 18 months. After your first procedure, the tattoo will fade about 10-20% as well as shrink somewhat, as the skin heals and returns to it’s normal elasticity. After that time, between 5 & 8 weeks, you will return to the studio for your touch up. When we do the second procedure we will get you to your desired results as well as solidify the pigment so that it can last you a year and a half. Some people like the results after just one application and choose to only do one. But because everyone’s skin is different, and because most people desire a tattoo that is rich in color and long lasting, it is recommended to come back in for the touch up. Clients rave about how nice it feels to wake up with full and plush eyebrows again! Of course it’s not just for those who want to be “all dolled up” everyday. This procedure is for anyone who wants to enhance their appearance in a natural way. Eyebrows have a major impact on our expression in our face and can make us look awake and alive again.

What's the healing process like?

Following the after care procedures is ESSENTIAL to making sure you’re tattoo is able to heal properly within the first few weeks, and last the maximum amount of time. Limiting your exposure to the sun for the 4 weeks following is ideal. Others have said 7 days is sufficient, but I always prefer to adhere to the maximum standard.


No water on the brow area for 3 days
No makeup on brows for 7 days


Things NOT to do before your appointment include, no tanning,no fish oil, no alcohol , Retinol, Retin A , anxiety or heart medications. No Botox, Laser or Chemical Peels 60 days prior.

**Severely oily skin, and skin with very large pores should be advised that results for them tend toward the softer, solid more powdery side. In some instances hairstrokes on very dark skin will not appear as defined or dark, (however, I have also seen many beautiful results proving that it works on this skin type.)


I would not rule out this procedure for someone with oily skin, darker skin or any other skin type, I only wish to help manage your expectations in regards to the results you will receive. And would encourage you to do both procedures (initial and touch up), to try all methods of getting you the brows you want! The healing process is specific to each client. Fading WILL happen after each procedure. The touch-up process allows us to observe your skin’s healing process in response to the work and fine tune anything we need to achieve desired results.


What is the brow design process like?


The design process takes anywhere from 45 – 90 minutes. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, together we will shape your new brows and find the shape that best suits your face. During this time we can also discuss and match the perfect color for your brows. I use all top shelf products of the highest quality; bio touch pigments, that will keep their hue over an extended period of time and not turn grey, green or red.

How do I book?

Call or text us to book the day and time of your choosing. All bookings require a $50 deposit. Upon booking your appointment, I can answer any additional questions you may have regarding the pre- and post procedure care. Your adherence to the after care WILL make a difference in the results of your tattoo. Please check out more photos on our Instagram and website, to see what great results our clients have been experiencing! Look forward to helping you.


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