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Eyelash Extensions By Jazz

Frequently Asked Questions

 How long do they last?

A full Set of Lashes will last around 6 weeks If taken care of properly. However after about 2 or 3 weeks you will want to return for a fill, to replenish any lashes that have fallen. We lose 3-5 natural lashes per day, so it's completely normal to see a few on your pillow each day.


Will they pull out my own lashes?

NO. When applied properly by a professional, they will not damage your lashes or inhibit re-growth of new ones.

What is the difference between these lashes and the $20 ones at the nail salon?

Many women have worn cluster lashes from the nail shop, and for many, it was a bad experience. This process is entirely different from that. Nail salon lashes basically use hair glue that is too harsh for the eye area,, gluing an extremely heavy cluster to the eyelid, stopping the lashes from being able to grow, and are difficult or impossible to remove. OUR EXTENSIONS are applied one by one, 1 mm away from the eyelid, with fast drying medical grade glue. This type of application takes longer, but allows the lashes to continue to grow as normal, and the extensions themselves are high quality, non-irritant, light weight and soft.


How long does it take? And what is the maintenance like?

A Classic Full Set takes about 90 minutes for the average client. A fill is recommended every 2-3 weeks. As long as the client does not shower within 24 hours of the application, the lashes can last a long time (up to 6 weeks.) We also suggest not wearing mascara, or using oil based products around the eye when you have them on.


Should you have any questions about the service or booking an appointment don't hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to making you look beautiful!


Microblading                           $395

6 week Re-touch                     $55

1 year Re-touch                       $150

Consultation                            Free

Microblading for Returning   $195

Client > 18 months 


Add Ons:


Pre-Numbing                          $25 

Microshading                          $55

Eyebrow Tinting                     $25


Classic Full Set                  $135

2 week Fill                          $55

3 week Fill                           $65

Hybrid Full Set                    $155

Hybrid Fill                            $75

6D Volume Full Set            $175

Volume Fill                          $80

Lash Lift                               $75

Lash Tinting                         $25

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