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How Do I Know Which Package To Select?

If you've read about the different Coaching Packages I offer on the "Work With Jazz" page , but you're still unsure about where you stand in regards to what kind of Coaching you need, no need to worry. You can proceed with your purchase of either a single session or monthly package. Part of the process is discovering the right course of action for each unique individual, and so I look forward to learning more about you, the details of your goals and of course we will adjust your package accordingly!

Do You Offer Free Consultations?

At this time I do not offer free consultations because of the detailed information & value I provide throughout various online platforms. My hope is that through these resources you will be able to take decisive action in pursuing true growth in your business, and when you are ready to make that leap, I'll be here to greet you in a full length coaching session where you will have my undivided attention and focus! For more free information Subscribe to the Youtube channel (link in the upper right corner.)

Can I Get Coaching if I Don't Own a Business?

The answer is yes, absolutely! My goal is to help new and aspiring Entrepreneurs to become their own boss, build a fabulous business, and achieve freedom from the traditional 9-5. In many cases, I will recommend a Course in combination with my One on One Coaching, but if you want to know what the best plan of action is for you, simply book a session and let's dive in to building you your dream business!

Do You Offer Social Media Services?

I believe social media is a powerful tool for any business owner, most especially those who want to build an income online. In addition to helping you grow your social accounts, my aim is to arm you with a specific plan in how to then monetize those followers, subscribers, etc. Because let's face it, we're not just out here for likes am I right! I  offer resources to services such as Done For You design & posting, Social Media Managers and expert designers. These resources are tested and approved by me personally & only available to my active clients.

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