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Client  Love


Kaori T.


Worked with Jazzie on revamping my fitness brand. And wow, game changer! She helped me to see how I could monetize my instagram following by using some different strategies. Mainly, by shifting my in person trainings to virtual, and helped me to revise (aka raise) my prices on my Training Packages. Overall I feel more confident and solid in my brand now and learned a lot of valuable lessons from working with her.

Johnny Cruz 07.31.20-0085.jpg

Johnny C.


Jazz helped me rebrand my agency. She also helped me to setup my consulting business through my personal website to be able to monetize the dozens of LinkedIn clients I was getting everyday.  To say I was very happy with the results would be an understatement. In fact I have referred her to multiple friends and businesses since then. 

Testimonial - Natashajpg

Natasha B.


I came to Jazzie for mindset Coaching. I'm not an Entrepreneur but I work in a fast paced industry and felt I needed an ally outside of the workplace to discuss some career and personal issues that I was going through . She's a great sounding board for ideas and just generally a very solution oriented person. She will be who I call when I go out on my own to do independent consulting later down the road


Louis M.


I was struggling as a Coach before getting started with Jazzie. I had written books and got a website setup but wasn't getting any traction with clients after a year of going at it on my own.  After we started working together she helped me to see ways I could shift my niche and my approach to be able to start getting sales. I finally got my first client during that time. And was happy because they also doubled my social media following in 3 months. Improved the missing pieces on my website.

Testimonial - Melodyjpeg

Melody L.


I worked with Jazzie & her team to build my first online course.

I wouldn't have had the first clue how to start but I'm glad I found them because we were able to create and launch my course within 6 weeks, the videos looked amazing and with most of that process being done for me. It made it easier for me to just focus on teaching my students and showing up for them.   I'm 8 months in and still getting new students every month and I know I made the right decision hiring them.  


Lindsey W.


When I wanted to explore my options with alternative medicine for animals and was considering opening my own facility Jazz was there to counsel me and help me get clarity on some big decisions in my business. I had never owned my own business before... but I am happier than I have ever been since taking the leap and could not have done it without her help. She is a trusted advisor and a true expert on branding. You would be wise to choose her as your Coach. @CrystalLotusVet


Curtis S.


I had the opportunity to work with Jazzie & her team to build my online business which is a camera rental company. In the beginning we relied fully on paid marketing which her team setup for us and came up with all of the ads and visuals. The assistants helped put together the social media, Facebook & landing pages. All of this stuff was new to me but it allowed me to focus more on operations, and running the business itself. It was always a pleasant experience working with them.


Ann C.


Jazzie is the best! I'd been a Project Manager at several Fortune 500 companies & was frequently being asked by other students & professionals if I could Coach them. She helped my to package my expertise and years of knowledge into a Consulting business and bring everything online. The biggest takeaway was gaining confidence to structure my services & start charging money for what I had previously always helped people with for free. She helped me change my mindset around charging what I'm worth for my expertise. I also just launched my podcast in conjunction with my Consulting business!

Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 11.10.33

A.j Provenchar


We didn't have a marketing strategy at all before for in our business. We just relied on word of mouth. She helped us to come up with a complete marketing plan, logo, website and get featured in local listings... which increased our tour bookings by an extra 5-10 people a week. Which is a lot for us. Very happy with the results. 

Testimonial Tammy J.png

Tammy J.


I have used Jazzie's help to create my course for Trauma Informed Care providers and get more students locally. My main question was, which platform should I use and how would I get everything filmed and online. They helped me to organize it all and did the editing and uploading which was tremendously helpful. It has been a very powerful tool in growing my practice.

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