What Can a Coach Do For You

Taking You Further

The Deep Desire to Do MORE is There for a Reason...

It's time to get the clarity

you need to get started in

your business

Take a moment and allow yourself to ENVISION your picture perfect online business...

• Wouldn't you like to put the power of your income back where it belongs — in YOUR hands?

• Become the boss of your time, your schedule, the work you do, and who you do it all for...

• Work anytime, from anywhere, on your laptop... (bye bye traffic)  

• Provide for your family, pay off your debt, and spend your money however you choose. Because when you uncap the potential on your income, you uncap the potential in your life.

• Have more time for self care once you Leave your 9-5 for good

• Create an impact in the causes that matter most to you

• Serve clients & customers on a global scale.

(Because those borders don’t matter when you’ve got a WiFi signal!)

"...These were things I too used to dream about...
and now I've made them my reality..."

Maybe this whole online business thing is as fresh as a

newborn baby to you.... You don’t know what to sell, how to

sell it, or where to find the clients who are perfect for you... 

You’re lost, without a map, without a compass, and without the

proper amount of Prosecco to carry you through. I've been there...

Or.... maybe you’ve had a business for a little while, you've tried going Online & watched one too many Webinars... but a successful launch just didn't work out the way you hoped. Now you find yourself scrolling daily through the pages of mega successful Biz owners & wondering HOW they do it with their huge audiences, giant paydays, & closet full of Gucci bags. 

Meanwhile...you're trying to do "all the things", deliver the service, show up on social,  and hold down your day job...   yikes!

...You've realized that running an online business isn’t as easy as popping up a website, adding some high gloss photos to your Insta and waiting for the clients to come rolling in ....I wish it was!

...but here's a little secret, you don't actually need a zillion followers to be successful online. It doesn't require years of experience & connections to succeed at this either... 


The truth is...it just takes clarity, strategy, knowledge and insight from a PRO to help you navigate the journey. 

You've tried a lot of things, you're no stranger to hard work, & have been working your tail off trying to get your business off the ground. But it's still unclear if you're taking the right steps, or if any of this Online Business Stuff is even  for you.

You don't want to spend money on another dead end.

Because if all that hard work hasn’t added up to a calendar full of paying clients, a sold out Online Store or a fully functioning & profitable Online Business yet...?  

I'm here to tell you...


it's not time to quit..it's time to reach out for help.

Working for yourself can truly be a dream, and provide you with your dream lifestyle ...but it’s a tough road ahead if you keep going about it without the right guidance, training, and community to back you up.

The Online Business Accelerator is designed to take you from 0-100 in clarity, process & strategy in establishing & growing your very own online Business. 

I hear what you're saying...

  • The Beginner
    Sat, Mar 06
    Mar 06, 7:00 PM
    The Discovery stage is for New Entrepreneurs, who know that their calling is to be their own boss, but just need the guidance and tools to actually make it happen. Don't waste another minute on the Merry Go Round of exploration. Get the formula to go from dreaming... to doing.
  • The Solopreneur
    Sat, Apr 30
    Apr 30, 2022, 7:00 PM
    Small Business owners, Therapists, Coaches & Virtual Assistants... To Every Entrepreneur out there trying to wear every Hat! There's a better way. You were made to be your own boss and you're already making it happen. But doing all the things yourself keeps you running on E.
  • The Boss
    Wed, May 24
    May 24, 2023, 8:00 PM – May 25, 2023, 12:00 AM
    You're a Professional with years of valuable experience in your field. And income at or exceeding 6 figures. You are ready to leverage your expertise & scale your own Online Business.
What Stage of Business are you in?

Most Clients I work with fall into one of these 3 categories. So I created this chart to help you figure out where you may be in your journey, to determine how I can best serve you. Interested in getting started but still have more questions? Book your call here and let's chat!

The Business Leaders Mastermind Event

Don't just start a Business...make an impact.

Twice a year my team and I host an event like none other. It's an event where intelligent, intentional, business minded women come together in support of one another, to create, to uplift, and to celebrate each other on the journey towards success.     A lot changed in 2020, millions of people are now being required to regroup and re think their idea of normal- in every aspect from career, to daily life to finances to parenting- we must do what is needed to emerge victorious from one of the most unexpected & challenging chapters in our history. The need to innovate has never been greater than at this time. Whether you are a leader in the Corporate arena,  a recent college graduate, or Self-Employed business owner forced to re-structure at the drop of a hat, we must all strive to stay ahead of the curve, and we must support each other in that process. It is during our time together at the Weekend Event that we examine ways we can all move our respective industries forward, building confidence and trust in our bigger vision, and mastering the mindset that is required to get there. It's a safe space to celebrate ourselves and our growth as individuals, and to expose the bigger goals we have with like minded, loving people whose only purpose is to encourage us! If you are interested in attending a Mastermind Event, email info@jazziecraig.com with the subject "Mastermind." Be inspired to keep learning, keep building, and do so with conviction and intentionality.

Meeting Room

Question About A Course?

Do you want to ask a question about any of the courses in our library or one of our Coaching Programs? Not sure which one is best for you? We are here to help. Please include your name and a few words about your goals in building your Online Business & we will get back to you within 1 business day. We offer Self Guided Mini Courses as well as comprehensive Training & Coaching to help you Build your own thriving Business Online.


Don't wait on getting started building your dream business.

Become the boss of your time, your schedule, & the work you do.


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